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We’re excited to kickoff our #40years40impacts 2017 Campaign!


Our future as an agency is brighter than ever. The need for prevention education, resources, and support to empower us to fulfill our values of respect, empathy, integrity, resilience, diversity and inclusion, and collaboration is growing. We are committed to positively reducing the stigma, and are working towards creating healthier, brighter futures for those impacted by CARE. YOU are a part of our future. Thank you for making a gift, and for sharing your CARE story.


Become a Member of CARE’s Leadership Circle

The Leadership Circle will include supporters that have provided CARE with monetary donations accumulating to $1,000 and above over the course of a year. This could be a one time gift, or a pledge to give during the 12 month period. Being a member of the Leadership Circle will provide you with special recognition in our agency newsletter, on our website and in our annual report. Leadership Circle Supporters will also be invited to our Annual Meeting. All donations are 100% tax deductible and benefit CARE’s family focused programming.

If you would like to show your commitment as being a donor in the “Leadership Circle,” please contact us at,