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Our parenting conference includes a keynote presentation; workshops; and resources and opportunities for parents and caregivers to increase their skills and knowledge about parenting children and teens.


Keynote Title: The Good News About Bad Behavior, Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Brief overview of presentation:
In this keynote address, Katherine Reynolds Lewis presents how, by strengthening connection, communication and capability, we can raise children who are self-disciplined, confident, and better equipped to handle the challenges they’ll face in life—and whose parents can finally stop wondering what they’re doing wrong.

Breakout Title: Title: Principled Parenting for Principled Children, Dr. Bernie Les

Brief overview of presentation:
Participants of this workshop will learn how they can remain calm, implement good parenting plans, and nurture good relationships by understanding how to prevent giving their power away to their children.

Breakout Title: Raising Nonviolent Children, Carrie Conrad

Brief overview of presentation:
Who doesn’t want their children to be peaceful and successful?  Every kid bites, hits, kicks, screams, throws something or has a tantrum at some time.  At what point should we be concerned? Discuss struggles we, as parents, have in connection with our spirited, anxious, challenging, or special needs children’s difficult behavior.  We will outline the basic needs for healthy development, get solutions for addressing difficult and troublesome behavior, and understand all that is in your power to raise nonviolent children.

Breakout Title: Helping Teens in Darkness Discover the Light, Angela T. Moore

Brief overview of presentation:

This is an educational and interactive session designed to educate participants about teen depression and treatment, teen suicide and prevention.  Participants of this workshop will learn signs and symptoms of teen depression, signs of suicide and how proper nutrition, physical activity, and mental conditioning can help teens either stay away from darkness or powerfully navigate through it.

Breakout Title: Noah’s Animals: Our Experience with Autism, Amy Miller & Kristy Hudson

Brief overview of presentation:
We will be presenting on ASD by discussing it from both professional and personal perspectives. We will discuss the disorder and what it means to be “on the spectrum”, how it affects every person differently, and what signs parents need to be on the lookout for early on. We will also touch on everyday challenges, small breakthroughs that keep us positive as parents, examples from everyday life, and how we all can help children move forward.

Breakout Title: Emotional Wellness From Pregnancy to Parenthood, Dr. Kristen Hurrell

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation will touch on mental health disorders that are common in pregnancy and postpartum and will also include the impact of social media on mental health. We will discuss coping skills for new parents as well as self-care and validation for parents who are struggling with balancing their lives.

Breakout Title: How to raise body confident kids!, Dana Suchow

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation will discuss the causes and effects of eating disorders, and take a look at the huge role advertising and social media play in society’s current epidemic of self-hate. Dana will give parents actionable tools and takeaways they can use immediately to help children place value on their internal qualities instead of their physical appearance.

Breakout Title: Building Strong Connections, Catheryn Smith & Erinn Alderman Rowland

Brief overview of presentation:
Parents will learn what social and emotional development is and how to build strong connections with their children. Parents will have a better understanding of appropriate developmental milestones and will learn strategies that will influence strong connections.

Breakout Title: The Perfect Storm, Dr. Melonie Schoenherr & Dr. Kathy Olvera

Brief overview of presentation:
Our children’s wellness has become the most pressing social issue and a public health emergency. We will discuss awareness, answers, and action steps to this neurological epidemic.

Breakout Title: I’m So Angry I Could Just Scream, Lisa Kaplan

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation will address all aspects of anger and discuss how parents can help themselves and their children to appropriately express their anger.

Breakout Title: Positive Strategies for Calming the Chaos, Keynote: Katherine Reynolds Lewis

Brief overview of presentation:

In this workshop, Katherine Reynolds Lewis will share encouraging ideas for easing the biggest pain points parents experience, without resorting to punishments or rewards. Parents will learn creative ways to end battles over mornings, homework, chores, sibling fights, mealtimes, bedtime, screen time, and kids’ lack of motivation, respect or cooperation. Interactive exercises will give parents practice with these new strategies.

Breakout Title: 4-1-1 Parent Hotline Panel: Joe Gulino, Paul Sarris, Jennifer Crooks, Jennifer Korzeniowski & Theresa Mlinarcik

Brief overview of presentation:
This breakout will provide a Q&A opportunity for parents to get immediate insight on specific challenges in today’s parenting journey. The panel will consist of parent specialists on topics of special needs children, drug misuse and addiction, LGTBQ+, school and education, and general parenting challenges.

Breakout Title: What is Vaping: Keeping Parents in the Loop, Tiffany Jameson

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation will be an overview on vaping, what all of the devices look like, and the ingredients that are in the juice. We will also discuss how teens may be using vape pens to smoke marijuana.

Breakout Title: Parent Yourself First, Joe Gulino

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation will provide helpful strategies for succeeding in our parenting journey. We will discuss essential steps that contribute to a positive parent child relationship by taking care of yourself first.

Breakout Title: When Partners Become Parents: How to Keep Your Relationship Living and Passionate While Raising Children, Dr. Terri Orbuch

Brief overview of presentation:
Learn simple strategies to identify your relationship expectations; resolve disagreements; add fun, excitement, and passion; and manage your relationship when you have children.

Breakout Title: Autism, Motivation, & Overcoming Life Stressors, Ron Sandison

Brief overview of presentation:
Parents and professionals will learn practical methods to motivate children and young adults with autism to learn new life skills, prepare for transition, and gain independence. Ron examines common hindrances to growth, decision-making, and independence and ways to overcome them. Many students and young adults with autism experience severe depression and anxiety due to their lack of social interaction, a failure complex perfectionist mindset, and sensory issues. Educators and parents will be equipped to help these individuals deal with his or her depression and anxiety and gain self-confidence.

Breakout Title: Emotional Cost of Bullying, Crystal Mitchell

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation will overview what bullying is an will highlight how bullying emotionally effects the one being bullied as well as the family involved. It will also highlight some of the reasons bullies bully and how to identify, isolate, and redirect those behaviors. I will also discuss how families can support each other in the redirection process.

Breakout Title: Crossing the Rainbow Bridge, Michelle Borst Polino

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation will discuss a child’s first experience with death by helping the child through the grieving process, sharing activities to begin the healing process, and reviewing the grieving process.

Breakout Title: Raising a Financially Literate Family, Colleen Godfrey

Brief overview of presentation:
This session will help teach parents how to prepare their children for the financial “real world.” Topics include how to teach elementary age kids the purpose of allowance, money issues such as spending, saving, and donating, and familiarizing them with your financial institutions. Topics to prepare teens for financial independence include checking account management, debit cards, credit cards, and credit reports and scores.

Breakout Title: Tasty Dishes that are Healthy and Cost Effective, Chef Paul 

Brief overview of presentation:
Let Chef Paul walk you off the edge of your evening meal dilemas.

Breakout Title: What Parents Need to Know About the Juvenile Justice System, John Ange

Brief overview of presentation:
This presentation focuses on the juvenile justice system at the county level focusing on the recent upward trending threats of school violence.

Breakout Title: Want Healthy Kids? Get Them in the Kitchen, Beth Theisen, 

Brief overview of presentation: 
Learn how to get your children in the kitchen to create, taste, and enjoy family favorites and try new foods. Cooking involves math, science, reading, and social studies. Help your child learn in a fun, relaxed, and nutritious way. Fun, easy, and health recipes will be provided.

Registration and Exhibitor Information

Registration starts December 1, 2018. Early Bird rate $30/person until Jan 31, 2019. $40/person on February 1,  2019. If you do not receive a confirmation email shortly after you submit registration and payment, please call 586-541-CARE. CARE has a limited number of scholarships available to support attendance fees. Call for qualifying details.


SW CEs and SCECHs have been approved for this conference.
$10 separate fee for CEs made payable to MISD. 
Federal, state and local funding have been provided through Macomb County Community Mental Health/Office of Substance Abuse to support project costs. Recipients of substance use services have rights protected by state and federal law promulgated rules. For information, contact CARE of Southeastern Michigan Recipient Rights Advisor, 31900 Utica Road, Fraser, MI 48026, PH: 586.541.CARE or State Recipient Rights Coordinator, P.O. Box 30664, Lansing, MI