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Department of Transportation

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Our next Quarterly Training is
November 12, 2019

at CARE’s WorkLife Solutions Main Office:
31900 Utica Rd, Fraser, MI 48026

To register, please call
866-888-1555 x 228


CARE’s WorkLife Solutions provides Department of Transportation (DOT) trainings. Federal DOT regulations require that every safety sensitive employee receive one hour of education. Also, every DOT supervisor is required to receive two hours of training related directly to the testing and regulations related to drugs and alcohol.

Trainings are offered quarterly, onsite, at the main office in Fraser, MI. Trainings can also be conducted at a company’s worksite.  Every DOT training attendee receives a DOT book that they can utilize as a reference for future questions and situations. Discounts available for EAP contracted companies.

If you are interested in scheduling a training at your location, please call Joe Gulino at 586.218.5288


Safety Sensitive Employees

Topics Covered: Updated Federal regulations, the Substance Abuse Professional role and the SAP evaluation process, and the impact of alcohol/drugs on performance.

Supervisors of Safety Employees

Topics Covered: Federal regulations, identification, documentation and constructive confrontation practices.

Please call 866.888.1555 ext. 215 or register above.



Who is subject to DOT testing?

Anyone designated in DOT (Department of Transportation) regulations as a safety-sensitive employee is subject to DOT drug & alcohol testing. The regulation applies to all safety-sensitive employees, contractors and volunteers as covered by agency regulations. Each agency, FMCSA, FAA, FRA, FTA, RSPA and USCG offers a different variation of who is affected.  Please call 866.888.1555 for more information.

Why are safety-sensitive employees tested?

The short answer is for the safety of the traveling public, co-workers and yourself. The longer answer is that the United States Congress recognized the need for a drug and alcohol free transportation industry, and in 1991 passed the Omnibus Transportation Employee Testing Act, requiring DOT Agencies to implement drug & alcohol testing of safety-sensitive transportation employees.

What are SAPs?

Under DOT regulations, SAPs are Substance Abuse Professionals. They play a critical role in the work place testing program by professionally evaluating employees who have violated DOT drug & alcohol rules. SAPs recommend appropriate education, treatment, follow-up tests and aftercare. They are the gate-keepers to the re-entry program by determining when a safety-sensitive employee can be returned to duty. SAPs are required to have a certain background and credentials, which include clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of substance abuse-related disorders. They must also complete qualification training and fulfill obligations for continuing education courses. While SAPs do make recommendations to the employer about an employee’s readiness to perform safety-sensitive duties, SAPs are neither an advocate for the employee or the employer, and they make return-to-duty recommendations according to their professional and ethical standards as well as DOT’s regulations.

CARE’s WorkLife Solutions can offer access to a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) near you.