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Play & Learn Groups

Early Learning Community – Play and Learn Groups

Play and Learn Groups logoWe offer free community based play and learn groups for parents/caregivers of children ages 0-5.  The groups focus on building the bond between caregiver and child through play.  The groups are split into two offerings based on the age of the child.  Both groups highlight the importance of the caregiver’s role in a child’s early years.

Ages 0-2 (PIWI)

This group provides a time for parents/caregivers to interact and bond with their child in a small group setting.  The group facilitator provides group time, then the groups split off to enjoy age appropriate activities, and play stations, to wrap up the session the group comes together to discuss what was interesting about the experience.  The group uses the PIWI (Parents Interacting with Infants) Model, which focuses on building the bond between caregiver and child with guided interactions.  Each session has a topic planned by the facilitator which cover developmental milestones, learning emotions, being a part of a group, etc. Parent/caregivers will leave with activities that build off that session’s topic, which they can try at home.

Ages 2-5

This group is for children 5 and under and focuses on providing parents/caregivers the opportunity to engage in play with their child, build connections and learn about their child’s development. The sessions are structured to prepare children for preschool and beyond, starting with group time and then breaking off to allow children to explore different play stations with their parent/caregiver, then wrapping up with a group song.  Parents/caregivers leave with activities that build off that session’s topic, giving them more opportunities for growth at home.



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